Cellfatone– Cellulite, fat reduction and toning.
For the treatment of localised or full body fat reduction, toning and firming while effectively reducing cellulite.
Session consists of medical carboxytherapy injections, cupping, lymph drainage, manipulating massage with powerful cellulite and slimming products used.

Single areas are: Buttocks, stomach, upper legs, arms, lower back, upper back, waist.
6-12 sessions recommended for optimum results.
Ideally sessions 2 times a week for the first 3 weeks, followed by 1 session a week.
Treatment sessions are dependent on desired results as well as the current condition of the body.

Single Session Course of 6
Full body R1 200 R6 095
*Isolated area R650 R3250

*areas: buttocks, thighs, stomach, upper legs, arms , back.
Nb. Treatment consists of carboxytherapy, cupping, lymph drainage, manipulation technique with cellulite reducing oil and slimming mediums.