Electrolysis Permanent Hair Removal

Electrolysis is a permanent hair removal method using a direct galvanic current via a fine needle to destroy the cells beneath the skin where the hairs are produced, to render them incapable of producing hairs from that follicle.
Electrolysis is effective on any hair color and can be done for even the most sensitive skin.

This is a highly skilled method of permanent hair removal that is perfect to get a sleek brow shape, which cannot be achieved with IPL, as well as target the few stubborn hairs left behind after laser hair removal.

Grey, blond and red hairs can effectively be treated with electrolysis.

6-12 sessions recommended for optimum results

ELECTROLYSIS – Permanent removal of All colour hairs

5min session R200

10min session R295

15min session R395

20min session R495

30min session R595

Anaesthetic (optional) R350