Advanced Facials / Peels

Advanced Facials / Peels

Arbutin Brightening facial +  90min incl neck

Gluthethione Bright Pro facial +  75min incl neck

Dermaplaning 3D peel 60min

50% Glycolic peel 60min 

Lactic acid peel60min 

Salicylic peel60min 

Transbright peel – Pigmentation60min 

Transbright Ultra peel60min 

Caviar Anti aging facial + 1.5ml microneedling90min 

Carboxytherapy Facial with LED light70min 

Medical Dry Needling-CIT (per zone)

Pixel Peel, Advanced peel incorporated with needling giving profound results for pigmentation, wrinkles and acne. Intense/visible peeling.

Pixel Peel – face only 60min

Pixel peel – face, neck & 

Transbright Pixel peel -Face (Pigmentation) 70min

Transbright Pixel peel – Face, neck + deco 90min

3D Pixel Peel with nano Needling60min