Nefertiti massage
Face, decolloté & bust.

Indian Head Massag 30min 

Swedish Massage 30min R  •  45min  •  60min  • 90min 
A medium pressured massage to calm the body & mind.

Deep Tissue Massage  30min  • 45min  • 60min    •  90min 
A particular technique designed to penetrate the muscle tissue in order to relieve contraction and lactic acid build up.

Sports Massage  30min  • 45min  • 60min  •  90min
A vigorous massage specifically designed to assist in the recovery of the worn muscle, technique includes deep strokes, muscle manipulation & stretching.

Thai Oil Massage 30min  • 45min • 60min  •  90min

Thai-Oil combines traditional Thai massage that focus on meridian energy lines, pressure points, body weight & stretching, with firm massage strokes. This massage obtains higher relaxation & effective relief from tired, stiff & aching muscles.

Hot Stone Massage 30min • 45min  • 60min   •  90min

Effectively creates harmony and a sense of balance. The heat of the basalt stones penetrate the core of the muscle relieving strain & tension, inducing a deeper level of relaxation.

Bamboo Lymph Massage 45min • 60min  •  90min

Gerard’s Bamboo massage is an exclusive technique with specially smoothed bamboo sticks & Bamboo oil enriched with mineral & plant extract enhancing the relaxing and calming effect. It is designed to detox with lymph-draining purpose to aid slimming. Choice of light, medium or hard pressure.

Cannabis massage30min • 45min • 60mi  •  90min

Aromatherapy30min • 45min • 60mi  •  90min

Pregnancy Massage 30min • 45min • 60min  •  90min

Coconut oil Massage 30min  • 45min  • 60min •  90min

Aromatherapy 30min  • 45min  • 60min  •  90min

Scrub & Nourish massage 45min  • 60min  •  90min

Flow Meditative massage 45min  • 60min  •  90min