Intimate Waxing & Maintenance

Bikini line R150 R150 R500
Crack only R150 R150 R500
Buttocks only R170 R170 R750/R1500
Buttocks and crack R250 R250
Brazilian R250 R350 R750/R1500
Brazilian incl crack R320 R400
Hollywood (all off) R290 R400 R1250/R1500
Hollywood incl crack R320 R430 R1500/R2000
Intimate wax, exfoliation & extractions R790 R790
Brazilian intimate facial-reduce ingrowns & rejuv R790 R790
Tushy intimate facial-buttocks R790 R790
Braz&Tushy facial combo -front & back R1400 R1400
Intimate Extractions only -Ingrowns R180 R180
Intimate Carboxytherapy Co2 R800 R800

For vascular diffused redness, split capillaries and telangictasia
Cheeks R760
Cheeks and nose R810-R1300
Isolated areas SQ
Anaesthetic (optional) R350


EPILFREE is a 100% Natural method to permanently remove all colour hair strands on any area of the body and can treat all akin types.

No downtime, no concerns about sun exposure and very simple method that works in conjunction with your regular waxing procedure.

Not suitable for pregnant or lactating women.